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Crimsafe's commercial-grade product has:

1. Five times as many tamper-proof screws holding the clamp and mesh together, spaced every 25mm along the clamp (compared to every 125mm for our regular product).

2. Screws drilled into the clamp in a staggered formation to resist the tendency for a single line of screws to weaken the mesh under extreme pressure.

3. Double the clamp-to-mesh contact area for an even stronger grip.

4. 60% thicker aluminium frame to lengthen the screen’s resistance time under the heaviest attack.

5. As a result, we created a product that is 12 times stronger than the impact level required by the Australian Standard.

With unbeatable strength and versatility, building with Crimsafe opens up an endless array of design possibilities.

Used across projects from high-rise residential, hospitals, retail outlets, aged-care facilities and schools to banks, prisons, railway stations and walkways, Crimsafe adds a unique blend of security, style and energy efficient features to any project.

Our next generation Crimsafe Ultimate range gives architects and builders the smooth, streamlined aesthetic demanded by high-end residential and mixed-used developments, and when an exceptional level of security is required, Crimsafe offers a commercial-grade product specifically designed for maximum strength and protection.

We also provide specialty products designed for :

  • bushfire
  • and cyclone protection.
Crimsafe used for Prisons

Commercial Applications

Crimsafe protects so much more than just homes and businesses.

Architects and builders have used Crimsafe in hospitals, aged-care centres, prisons, schools, overpasses and walkways, sports ground enclosures, retail outlets and warehouses, banks, residential and mixed-use developments.

For situations that require an exceptional level of security and may need to withstand an organised attack, Crimsafe has created a specific commercial-grade product, able to withstand an impressive 1200J of impact.




 Crimsafe Fire Attenuation screens


The Fire Attenuation Test (FSZ0688) rates products in the form of a percentage for every unit of heat that it does not permit to pass through it, from one side to the other. The percentage of heat attenuation is calculated every 5 minutes for as long as the test lasts.

Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® mesh achieved a rating of 59%. That means that 59% of radiant heat flux and naked flame on one side of a Crimsafe screen does not transfer through the screen.

Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff Mesh

Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® mesh

Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® mesh uses 304 grade high tensile stainless steel, with an aperture size of 1.5mm x 1.5mm. This specification means Crimsafe security screens can be used in bushfire prone areas up to and including BAL-FZ* (the highest bushfire risk rating).

The small aperture size significantly reduces the risk of a bushfire spreading into your property through floating embers. On top of ember protection, Crimsafe’s metal Screw-Clamp system will withstand the impact of burning debris better than other products that use plastic wedges, which may melt, weakening the entire system.

Crimsafe Cyclone Debris Protection

Cyclone Debris Protection

Crimsafe passes the highest levels for cyclone debris screening according to the requirements of Australian Standard AS 1170.2:2011.

Purpose-built Crimsafe cyclone debris screens use 1.2mm 304 grade high-tensile stainless steel mesh and our unique Screw-Clamp technology, combined with a 100mm build-out. The build-out provides 100mm of space between the debris screen and the face of the window, preventing the glass from shattering if impacted by flying debris.

While regular Crimsafe products also passed the debris impacts of 32m per second (the Australian Standard), our cyclone debris screens passed debris impact tests at 44m per second, giving your family superior protection in cyclone prone areas.

Frame Colour Options

Crimsafe Security Rockhampton


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Crimsafe Security Rockhampton
Crimsafe Security Rockhampton
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